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Britain Creates: Smith + Baker

Uploaded 18/07/2012

"The piece 'Triumph in the Face of Absurdity' is about life and about how humble your start is in any way. It's not linked with money or finance, it's to do with the fact that if you try hard and dig deep, however small you start, you can do great things... Effort is free of charge!" Designer Sir Paul Smith and artist Charming Baker discuss the piece on which they collaborated for Britain Creates: its technicalities, concept and relevance to the Olympic year. See 'Triumph in the Face of Absurdity' and the eight other Britain Creates pieces at the Victoria and Albert Museum until July 29th. Entry is free: http://bit.ly/VAexhi Buy the book that accompanies Britain Creates, 'An Exhibition in a Box': http://bit.ly/Britbook Director / Camera: Federico Urdaneta + Santiago Posada + Martin Hampton + Crispy Duck Productions Editors: Federico Urdaneta + Santiago Posada Producer: Sarah Strickland With thanks to: Paul Smith + Charming Baker, Susanna Greeves, Crispy Duck Productions.